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"Hastings was sensational- a gem!"

- Lisa Moore, USA

"Hastings becomes Joyce...delightful, and transporting...[this show] deserves to be seen again, and again."

Kym Clayton, The Barefoot Review

“Sergei Prokofiev’s Five Sarcasms Op. 17 for piano (1912 – 1914) is not for wimps. Julia Hastings is no wimp. She attacked this very difficult work – that is all the more difficult because it takes a sardonic look back at Rachmaninov’s romantic writing – with skill and vigour. Not once did we think she had failed to conquer it at any level, technically or intellectually. She resisted the current fad of over-pedalling to produce sounds of clarity and wit. Her mastery of single-note melodies over rich, smooth, pedalled arpeggios was delicious. South Melbourne Town Hall loves the big sounds. It loves Julia’s big piano.”


- Stewart Jackel. Albert’s Wars Blog. March 2014

“Blown away by Hastings’ performance – breathtaking! Actor, writer, pianist and beautiful woman –

talk about the whole package!”

- Emma Westwood, Bakewood

“The performance was simply wonderful – it gave me a sense of the personality of this Australian music icon – a rare gift.”

- Gerald Waters, Audience

“........The next performers, flautist Kim Falconer and pianist Julia Hastings looked like twins as they walked onto the platform – an appropriate thought as it turned out, thanks to the synchronicity they showed in Poulenc’s famous sonata for their two instruments. It is marked by a number of flowing runs at speed, with the pace and dynamics of the work well judged, the second movement, Cantilene, having lovely phrasing, and the partnership in the demanding presto that rounded off the work making this a very impressive performance indeed......”


- Suzanne Yanko. Classic Melbourne. April 2015

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